SEO clinik – About Us

SEO clinik specialize in a number of SEO activities, including Analytics, PPC Adwords Campaigns, Conversion Rate Optimization and Google Penalty Removals, and was set up to help businesses across Northern Ireland and Ireland with their online business platforms.
Many local small to medium sized businesses have invested in websites, only to become frustrated and disillusioned at the website’s poor performance.  With a background in SEO and Optimization we have the skills and expertise to assess your website and wherever possible, optimize and improve.

We find that every business is different with vastly different products, services, and customer profiles.   With a background in Business our prime focus is to identify your key business goals and optimize your website to help you achieve those goals.

We would be happy to discuss your website and where possible, help you improve your SEO and improve your website performance, which could mean:

  • more traffic
  • more phone-calls
  • more sales
  • more business

In addition, we specialize in the removal of Google Penalties, helping you prepare Disavow TXT files, successfully prepare for Reconsideration Requests and have a proven track record of working with Google to ensure the removal of Google Penalties.

If you would like to discuss optimizing your website click HERE.