Conversion Optimisation

Conversion Optimisation

If you are working hard to drive traffic to your website, then it’s vital that your site is optimized to convert as much of that traffic as possible into customers.
Conversion Optimization focuses on converting a higher percentage of visitors to your website into customers.
We first establish what your business goals are – SEO clinik then makes sure your website is optimized for your goals and is working with, not against your overall business goals. We focus on how your website can help achieve those goals using Calls-To-Action CTA’s.
Typical CTA’s motivate customers to:

  • telephone the sales office
  • forward their contact details
  • request a technical brochure
  • like your Facebook page
  • follow you on Twitter
  • request a FREE callback
  • request a visit by a technical sales rep

We can set up automatic forwarding of customer information to the relevant sales person, responsible for that department, or that geographical area.
SEO clinik uses tools including A/B Testing, Google Analytics and Optimisation software to assess how websites are performing and how they can be optimized. We make recommendations based on statistically proven data, so that changes and recommendations can be tracked. Conversion Optimisation is an ongoing process, and websites, like businesses always have potential to be tweaked and improved over time.

What are the benefits of Conversion Optimization?

To appreciate how valuable Conversion Optimization is, and illustrate how very small tweaks and improvements can have a dramatic impact on ROI we will give an example.

  • Your website has 10,000 visitors per month, and you make an average of 80 sales per month, with an average sales value of £4000 per month.

  • This would mean you have a Conversion Rate of 0.8%.

  • If average sales is £4000 per month then your Average Customer Value is £50 (£4000 /80 customers).

  • By lifting your Conversion Rate by just 0.5% to a new Conversion Rate of 1.3% your monthly sales would increase by £2,500 to £6500, which is an annual increase of £30,000.

Rather than focusing on getting more website traffic, we believe it is important to consider lifting your Conversion Rate.
SEO clinik can review your website and highlight areas which can be improved on to optimize your Conversion Rate. By optimizing your site we can help you minimize leakage and convert more existing website visitors into customers, yielding a higher, more efficient ROI.
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