Google Penalty Removal

We specialise in Google Penalty Removal, & Google Penalty Northern Ireland. Our philosophy is to work transparently and openly with the Google team when removing a Google Penalty. There is no magic bullet when removing a penalty, and depending on the severity of the problem requires hard work to clean up the site and rectify the issues. We specialize in Google Penalty removals and would be happy to discuss your situation.

Google Penalty Removal – What Should I Do?

If you have discovered you need help with Google Penalty Removal, the first thing you need to do is stay calm! We have outlined below the steps you need to take to work through this problem.

  • Establish that your site has a Google PenaltyGoogle Penalty Removal
    Go to your Google Webmaster Tools account and check if there is a Manual Action Penalty on your website.
  • Identify what kind of penalty you have
    This could be a Site Wide Google Penalty, or a Partial Google Penalty.

  • Identify what areas of your site are affected
    This might be specific URLs/pages, sections or links
  • Review your site
    Try to identify any elements which might have caused the penalty action. This may require an extensive ‘Link Audit’.
  • Clean your site up
    Remove duplicate content, toxic links, spammy reviews, scraped content.
  • Document your actions
    To give your case credibility, document everything so that the Google team can clearly see that you have made attempts at cleaning up your site.
    Check out the SEO clinik’s easy explanation of the different kinds of penalty HERE .

    For more information on Google Penalty removal, reconsideration requests & how we can help click HERE