Google Penalty

Google Penalty

If your website traffic has dropped over the last year and there is no obvious reason for it, your website might have received a Google Penalty.
Over 400,000 websites were issued with Google Manual Action Penalties in 2013, with many website owners completely unaware that they received one. If you think you have received a Google Penalty, take a deep breath, don’t panic and follow our guide below.

Google Penalty – What are the different types?

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Site-Wide Manual Action Google Penalty (site-wide match)

(See A Above) This is if your entire site has been penalized. Google normally inform you the reason for the penalty.

Partial Manual Action Google Penalty (partial match)

(See B Above) This normally applies to specific parts of your site (or off your site) have been impacted, as well as the reason and extent of the manual action taken as a result.Under ‘Affects’, you may see either ‘Some incoming links’ or a list of specific URLS or sections that have been impacted.

How Can I Tell What Parts The Google Penalty Affects?

(See C Above) This will show you whether the penalty affects sections, links or specific pages of your website.

Google Penalty Information

(See D Above) This will give you vital information that you can then use to review your site, identify elements which might be in violation of Google Guidelines and take the necessary steps to rectify them.

Why has my site received a Google Penalty?

The reason your site may have picked up a Google Penalty, is because your site has used some practices that are not within Google good practice guidelines, such as Link Building (spammy or unnatural inbound links pointing to your site and, or using Link Farms) cloaking & content duplication, spammy redirects, unnatural outbound links from your site, keyword stuffing, scraped or poor quality content with little or no value or spammy forum links.

Due to lack of specialist knowledge within many businesses, we find that often these practices have been set up by someone outside of the business themselves, normally a web developer or SEO ‘consultant’. Many businesses and website owners have previously relied on a SEO ‘consultant’ who implemented these practices without their knowledge or control.

What we would say is that in our experience of working with Google can show Google that they have taken the necessary steps and done everything within reason to rectify the problem and to bring the website back within Google Guidelines, then they will happily review the website and try to get it a clean bill of health.

If you think your website has a Google Manual Action Penalty, check out the SEO clinik guide to removing penalties HERE .

SEO clinik specialize in Google Penalty removal and can help you work through this.

If you would like to find out more about Google Penalty removal, Disavow TXT Files or Reconsideration Requests click HERE to get in touch.